They know the rules - do you?

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They know the rules of how to do improv and you can too...


How to do improv - the rules

Try improv at home.  Learn how to do improv...

  • improv is an art
  • learn the rules
  • then you'll know when to break them
  • try improv at home or with friends

Want a crash course in improv?

Would you like to know "how to do" improv?

We're pleased to provide an exciting guide to improv theater (theatre) that can help your comedy improv and your scripted work.

These basic guidelines with examples provide a chance to practice improv from the comfort of your own home.

You can do it with a friend, or even by yourself writing or speaking both sides of the dialogue.

Follow the guide and soon you'll be creating stories, characters and scenes on the spot.

We'll give you the first and most important rule right here:

Say "yes, and".

In improv we say "yes, and".  This simple technique allows us to build exciting characters, scenes and even improvise entire plays.

Each partner agrees by saying yes to what has been said before (agreeing) and adding new information.

These techniques are the same ones Pan Theater's Afters and Awkward Face performers practice and use in performance.

We're please to email you this guide which includes the rules and an expanded verision of the rules with examples.

The guide is completely free. You can even print it out and reuse it for your classes or workshops.

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