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Meisner Technique


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Meisner technique san francisco

Meisner Technique is an acting method that focuses on improvising emotionally. Performers trained in Meisner Technique practice exercises that help them become more emotionally open and expressive.

The key training exercise in Meisner Technique is the repetition exercise. Performers practicing repetition throw all of their focus on their partner. In the process they volley a repetion back and forth based on what they are getting emotionally from their partner. As they practice the repetition they focus on the current moment and explore the truth it contains.

Performers learn to respond truthfully under the imaginary circumstances of the script. They work on finding the emotion in the piece and how they trully feel in any given moment. Rather than working on associating past events with current moments in the script performers trained in Meisner Technique improvise as they explore the script. The goal is to be truthful to the relationship between the two performers and the script and the actions are layered on top of the emotional connection.

Additional execises from Meisner Technique include the independent activity, the knock at the door, emotional prep, substitution and personalization, and independent activity.

Meisner Technique forms the foundation for Pan Theater's approach to improv. We incorporate the ideas and many of the exercises into our training and the work helps improv the clarity of our directing.

Pan's veteran performers have signficant training in the technique. The combination of theater games and Meisner Technique create performers that can quickly get into a part and find what matters to them emotionally.

Performers can learn the basic repetition exercise in our Long Form Troupe, Improv from the Heart class and being on a Pan house team.

We strive to be true Mr. Meisner's description of acting, "living truthfully under the imaginary (emotional) circumstances."


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