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comedy improv oakland styleA note from one of Pan's new short form troupe performers.
Some great advice to any improviser, actor or performer.

"To those who performed tonite:   You were all GREAT !  You looked so relaxed and confident, like old pros.

One thing I noticed:

Tonite in both your performance and with the Afters, is it's really OK to take pauses, take your time with a line.

It doesn't make it less funny, and often more meaningful.  I know we've been told that before, but it really came into focus for me

And you don't always have to try to be funny, usually it comes out funny anyway.  And I need to remember to use the space & space objects, it's not all your words & actions.

It's creating the whole reality ... these are things I know I need to work on.

I LOVE the Tonight's Town concept and its simplicity, yet, wow, look where it can go .... Well, just wanted to share my observations! 

And my appreciation ..."

Delan (performer - Pan's Short Form troupe)

Delan auditioned for our Short Form troupe after taking our Improv Basics class.

For those new to improv many of the notes she mentioned can be found in our Improv Articles:

The Rules of Improv I and the Rules of Improv II

Pan improv comedy shows for the Bay Area.
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and 9pm

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